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6" Scindapsus Sterling



As horticultural brokers specializing in tropical foliage plants, we locate and ship prime quality plants for our customers, whose businesses include garden centers, interior landscaping, florists, wholesale greenhouses, and other horticultural enterprises within the United States.

We travel frequently, visiting growers to evaluate crops and to seek out new and unusual plants to offer our customers. We represent over 150 growers in Florida, offering a wide variety of tropical plants in sizes from 1” pots to large specimens.

In addition to foliage plants, we offer excellent quality and pricing in Orchid plants, blooming potted plants, florist-grade Azaleas and other specialty items. Blooming Tropicals such as Hibiscus, Mandevilla, and Allamanda among many others, are especially popular in the spring as patio and landscape plants in the temperate regions.

We also represent Aquamate portable watering tanks for use in interior landscaping and garden centers.

Whatever your horticultural needs, we’re just a phone call away.

Why Us?

We have been doing this since 1965 and we believe we provide the best of the best in every facet of our business. 

Industry Experts

With over 75 years of experience, our team has what it takes to find you exactly what you want!


We source our plants from the highest quality growers.  We know you’ll love what we find for you.


We use only the best distributors to get your order where you need and when you need it!

Nursery Visits

Our team tours over 50 nurseries every 6-8 weeks. We love finding our customers the best plants!

Weekly Updates

Weekly deals and new items available on our “hot list” released Friday of every week.

Local Warehouse

Our weekly warehouse shipments serve the DFW area. and arrive every Monday. Wholesale only.

Popular or New Varieties

We highlight a couple of items that are seasonal, popular, or brand new varieties here.


6" Begonia Maculata

We've seen a significant increase in popularity of this variety. It is also referred to as the "Polka Dot Begonia". The only size available for shipping is 6″ pots but it will make a big splash.  This plant sells out quickly so always make sure to ask if we have them available because they are not always on the availability.


Philodendron Birken

This is a great new plant. It requires high light and new top growth has really nice white variegation, as you can see in the picture. It is available in 4", 6", and 8" pots. Be sure to check out the current availability list to see what we are shipping!


“Don’t judge each day
by the harvest you reap,
but by seeds that you plant”

Robert Louis Stevenson

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Image by Jazmin Quaynor

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